VSV Bootcamp is a 4 month accelerator program where we provide seed funding and tailor made mentorship for startups to help them find product market fit and growth opportunities in exchange for a small amount of equity in the company. At the end of 4 months, each startup will present their company at our Demo Day in front of more than 50 investors for a chance to raise more funding.


    For more established companies, our program can help facilitate entry into a new market or fundraising through our network of mentors and investors.


    Below is the outline framework of the bootcamp:


    How: Hit the 'Apply' button and answer 39 questions on Venture360 platform. Remember to save Venture360 account in the case you want to update answers.


    Why: 39 answers will tell us about your team, business model, traction, and financial plan.


    Next step: 1-2 weeks after the application closing date, we will email or call you about the result and the next step.





    How: We will interview you for 30 mins via Skype.


    Why: We want to see you, the founders, and listen to your story.


    Next step: 1-2 weeks after the interview day, we will email or call you about the result and the next step.











    How: You will have a 15 minute interview in front of our investors panel.


    Why: We want to assess your presentation and communication skills. For us, these skills indicate the clarity of your project and your ability to sell the product and the company.


    Next step: 1-2 weeks after the interview day, we will inform you about the result and the next s.







    How: Startups will have a full month to learn, work and trial run at VSV Corner. You will be coached by our mentors to reshape your business model.


    Why: This is a chance for both you and us to make our final decisions. You are taking a chance on us as much as we are taking a chance on investing our time and money in you.


    Wow: After a review of your performance, we will enter a contract of $40k for a maximum of 10% equity. Then you will start 3 months of an intensive bootcamp program with VSV


    Who are we looking for?

    Our program is designed to benefit startups/companies that have the potential to become national market leaders and go to global market. Past program startups/companies have ranged from 3-5 employees up to 100+ employees.

    General Requirements

    • Technology-driven companies with a strong founding team and a product that is close to/already in the market
    • Revenue is not required but definitely considered a plus.
    • The founding team must be able to work at our working space for the duration of the program.


      VSVA is interested in all kinds of technology startups. However, we have strong connections with angel investors and venture funds that focus on agritech, fintech, edutech, AI and block chain. Hence, startups in these industries will have higher chances for raising the next round of funding.



      Bootcamp Summer 2019


      Expected Timeline

      07 July 2019 – Applications Close
      20 July 2019 – Online Interview

      10 August 2019 – Interview with Investors
      September 2019 – Bootcamp program starts
      January 2020 – Demo Day

      Note: All dates above are subject to change.


      VSV Corner, 7th Floor, 24 Ly Thuong Kiet Str., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam


      Hotline: +84 968 040688 (Mr. Huy)


      Our mentor network include serial entrepreneurs, industry experts, and investors. Some of them are the best in Vietnam and the world at what they do. Joining VSV means you can leverage their expertise and experience in building your company.


      See our complete mentor database HERE.

      Mr. Ngoc Vu Han


      CEO of Vietnam International Bank

      Mr. Gibs Song

      Venture Partner of Big Basin Capital

      Mrs. Le Anh Thach


      Chair woman of ATV Vietnam

      Mr. Frank M. Saviane

      CEO and Founder of Fast Forward Advisors

      Prof. Alan Barrell


      Chairman of MedTech International

      Mr. Manh Hung Tran

      Principal at Baker & McKenzie Vietnam

      Mr. Hung Dinh

      CEO and Founder of Joomart and Designbold


      Our passion is to see startups succeed.
      That's why we have invested and accelerated up to 59 startups so far.

      Bootcamp 2018

      Startups in this Bootcamp season got to spend a retreat with investors in Phan Thiết, in October 2018. Among the startups, one achieved 4x increase in revenue, and another achieved 5x increase in personnel scale. 

      Bootcamp 2017

      11 excellent startups was chosen from nearly 100 applications. Events with investors like Prototype Day and Demo Day were organized, and some of the startups went to compete and won prizes at "Techfest".

      Bootcamp 2016

      10 startups in different sectors of agritech, IOT, toys, IT, education... were selected. Half of the companies from this batch received recognition and awards from competition such as Nhân Tài Đất Việt and Hatch Fair 2016.

      Bootcamp 2015

      A bigger space and a better program. 2015 Bootcamp was held at our current VSV Corner. This is where companies like SchoolBus and Homily stayed and grew their user base 40x over the course of 1 year.

      Bootcamp 2014

      Meet the first 10 companies that went through VSV Bootcamp 2014. Our first bootcamp was held in a 150m2 room where startups like Lozi, TechElite, Loan Vi and Jobwise hurdled and worked together for 4 months. Some of them are now multi million dollar valuation companies.



      Free and discounted legal services, including a complimentary incorporation package through Baker McKenzie company


      Free and discounted accounting and tax services through Grant Thornton Vietnam - a law company


      Have the opportunity to commercialize through the distribution network of LOTTE Group in Vietnam


      Discounts on products and services essential to any startup like Amazon Web Services, Apple, and ZipCar through our Global Accelerator Network membership


      Get a free Holistics account, a cloud-based business intelligence big data platform that lets your company easily manage, access and share datasets as reports and dashboards


      Your IOS apps will be tested and advised by Asian Apple experts


      Partnership with more than 40 media channels in Vietnam and  Southeast Asia. You can be everywhere!


      Help with finding an intern through connections with local universities and AIESEC

    • FAQ

      1. How much funding do VSV Accelerator companies receive?

      Each start-up will receive $40,000, of which $30,000 will be in cash, spreading over 4 months and $10,000 will go to cover experts' expense, event costs and company's office during the four-month boot camp.


      2. What types of companies do you fund?
      We focus on, but not limited to, a broad range of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) start-ups. We encourage every start-up to complete the application because even if we are not able to fund your start-up, we can refer your company to many investors in our network that might.


      We typically fund a company that has a working prototype and a business model that has been validated or one that is in the growth stage.


      3. How do you choose which companies to accept into the program and to fund?
      i. Our evaluators will do a first round assessment based on your online application on Venture 360. In this round, we focus on understanding your product, the problems you trying to solve (your product needs to be solving a real-world problem) and the founders’ personalities.

      ii. Once you pass the first stage, we will invite your team in for interview. We expect a 15 -30 minute pitching session with Q&A. The main focus is on your ability to communicate your business and idea, personalities and mind-set, and collaboration with your co-founders. Although we prefer interview session conducted in English, it is accepted for groups pitching in Vietnamese.


      We expect every Founder to attend this interview day. Your start-up success is important to us but it should be even more important for you as the founders. If you can’t be bothered to show up for a 15-30 minutes interview session than you are not the type we are looking for.



      4. I’m a single founder. Can I get accepted into VSV Accelerator, or do you only look for teams?

      No, we don’t accept single founder start-up. The workload is just too much for a single person, and you will need to have a partner(s) to share your responsibilities when it gets tough.


      To increase your chance of admission into the accelerator, as well as building a successful start-up, you should be looking at:
      - Round out your team with business, technical (product development), marketing and other necessary skills.
      - Make progress on your prototype or product and reference it in the application.
      - Show everyone you’ve really thought about your business and have gotten off your butt to do something about it.



      5. What does VSV Accelerator get out of this?
      Typically 10% of your start-up’s stock.



      6. What sort of control am I giving up by granting equity to VSV?
      We don’t want any control over your start-up. We take equity in start-ups to align our interest with yours. Ultimately, our success depends on your success, and we trust in you to run the show.



      7. Is my company “too far along” to apply to VSV Accelerator?
      Probably not. We accept companies with fully developed products and we will help them with business model, introductions, financing, and more. Likewise, nothing is too early.



      8. Can I apply if our company or founders are not from Vietnam?
      Yes. We accept applications from around the globe. You just need to establish your headquarter in Vietnam, and legally reside in Hanoi during the 4-month boot camp.



      9. Why do I need to answer all these questions when there is a chance that my company doesn’t get accepted to VSV?
      We design our application to align with what start-up founders should already know about their business. If you really know your business as well as you think you do, you shouldn’t have any trouble in providing us with a kick-ass application. If you think these questions are unnecessarily lengthy, keep in mind that those are the ones you need to ask yourself about your business if you want to be successful anyway.



      10. Do I have to submit an application to get funding or can I just send you my start-up profile?
      You have to complete our application. For 2 reasons:
      1. Discipline is very important to us, and we need you to show us that you have enough discipline by sitting down and producing a kick-ass application.
      2. The application structures how you communicate your ideas and business to our evaluators, and allow us to access your writing skill.



      11. What if I don’t have Product Demo video or I don’t have a working prototype to demo yet?
      We generally will not accept application without demo video. If your prototype is not ready for demo, please provide us with a video of the founders explaining the product.



      12. What if I don’t have Founder introduction video?
      We will not accept application without a video introducing all the founders. Funding start-ups at this early stage is about the people we fund as much as it is about the idea, we need to know who we fund and put a face on the business/idea.

      We don’t ask for an elaborate introduction video, just tell us your name your role and expertise in your start-up would do just fine (or in case you really want leave an impression, sing a song!).



      13. My English is not that good; can I submit the application in Vietnamese?
      You can, but a good number of our mentors and investors cannot understand Vietnamese, and our goal is to integrate you into the global ecosystem after the boot camp. You should have someone on your team who is efficient in writing and speaking English to help communicating with international mentors and investors.



      14. Do I need to write a business plan?
      Not for our accelerator. We make funding decisions based on our application form and personal interviews. However, Demo video and Founders introduction video is a MUST.



      15. Can we do it without moving to where you are?
      No. A big part of the accelerator program is integrating start-ups into a mentorship network. Good mentors are extremely busy, and they won’t chase after you, unless you are in an accessible community.



      16. What if my company doesn’t ultimately succeed?
      At the end of the boot camp you would have met a large number of smart and well-connected people who can support you with your next endeavour.



      17. What will a typical day be like for a VSV founder?
      We provide a working space while you provide the content. A typical day at the accelerator will consist of you working hard on your start-up, building your product, validating your business model, and developing your strategy, etc. Our mentors will drop by the accelerator from time to time to meet with your team, this will normally occur after business hour.

      Each week, we have a status report meeting with each start-up team to get updates on your progress, and to agree on the next steps. Fortnightly, we organise a networking event for the members of your start-ups to mingle with people, who are doing the same job with them from the other teams in the accelerator. In month 3 and 4 of the boot camp we will start organising closed-door pitching session.


      18. It is OK for me to skip some questions ?
      Yes, it is OK. if you don't have information, please put down your answer as "N/A" or "No information" or "Not yet".
      However, the more question you answer, the more information we can get. It definitely gives you more scores to pass the application round.

      19. How can I edit or update my my application on Venture360 platform ?
      Please sign in your account in https://vsvaccelerator.venture360.co/apply
      Then go to Company >> Applications >> In progress >> Continue Application
      You can see visual guideline here: https://goo.gl/uu9Yr9